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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select a website template?  
Go to our template page and choose from any of the styles available.  Once you've chosen the design you want, contact us at websites @ by-jackson.co.uk and we'll get things started.  Alternatively if your prefer to talk to someone first or you are not happy with any of the designs, call us on 01204 529418 and we'll be happy to accommodate you..
How long does it take for my website to be built?  
Once we have received your order, we need to gather a little information about you and your business, so including this and the website creation, a 5 page site will usually be completed within 14 working days.
Can you amend your designs to follow my existing brand and colour scheme?  
Yes, but depending on how time consuming the requested work is, you may have an additional cost, but youwould know about this up front.   Call 01204 529418 for more information
I'd like a website design that you don't offer, can you build it for me?  
Yes, but this will be more expensive than our standard tariff, however, you should take a look at all the templates we have available as there are over 100 templates available  Please call us on 01204 529418 to discuss this further.
Can I use my existing company logo?    
Of course, not a problem.  This is included in the package cost cost.
Do I get to see my website before it goes live? ^top
Yes, your site will first be available at a temporary web address on our server whilst it's being worked on.  Then only once you have approved it, it will go live onto your new or existing domain.
How much do I pay and when? ^top
Our basic service includes a website, domain name and 12 months hosting. Additional services,  extra pages, more marketing are available if you choose, these however will cost extra.

After the initial 12 months you will need to renew web hosting and domain name yearly or bi-yearly and you will receive notification of this approaching the renewal date.. 

Full pricing information can be found in our Pricing section.

Payment must be made before your website is transferred to your new domain.

How do I pay? ^top
Once you have approved your new website, you can pay by cheque, BACS, credit card or debit card.  Once payment has been received, we will register your domain name and once this is available, move you new website to it.

Please note that because a domain name is available to anyone until it has been registered, you may wish get it registered immediately.  If you wish to do this, then we can take 50% of your bill up front and the remaining 50% on completion. 

Who hosts my website? ^top
Your website will be created on a computer in our office and when it is complete, it will be uploaded to with a reliable hosting company used by Websites-by-Jackson.  The first year's hosting is included in the price of our service.
Can I host my website elsewhere? ^top

Of course you can.  For an extra charge of 40 + VAT, we can save your new website to CD and send it to you if you have your own web server.  Otherwise we can migrate your site to your other web host if you require us to do it for you.

What is a domain name? ^top
www.websites.by-jackson.co.uk  is a domain name, as is www.boltonpc.co.uk, etc.  This is the name which will identify your site on the Internet.
How do I get a domain name? ^top
As part of our standard website package we will register a .co.uk or .com domain name on your behalf, other domain name extensions such as .biz are available but may cost extra. Please note, if you are aiming to market within the UK, then you should really be using a .co.uk domain name.  If you wish to sell overseas, the best domain name to go may be a .com

Many names are already taken so you will have to choose carefully.  One thing to consider is whether you wish to name your website after your company name or name it after your products or service.

For example, if your company name is Peter Jameson Water Pumps in Leicester, you could call your website www.peterjameson.co.uk which is easy for your customers to remember.   However, for the best search engine results, you may wish to use a name that includes a key phrase people are looking for on the search engines.  One example could be www.leicester-water-pump.co.uk or www.water-pumps.co.uk.   

If your main business geo target is Leicester, then www.leicester-water-pumps.co.uk may be your ideal choice.

Have a think about what name you think you'd like to use or call us and we'll gladly offer advice and peform a free search engine analysis and come up with a number .of choices for you.

Can I use my existing domain name or host? ^top
Of course you can.  Your domain registrar will require the technical details of your new website, but if they already host for you, we can supply your new website on a CD.  

We cannot offer any discount for using an existing domain name or hosting service.


Can my website stop working? ^top
The short answer is yes!   Regardless of who is hosting it, there may well be the occasional time when your website cannot be seen.

We only host your website with a reputable hosting company who we have selected because of their reputation for reliability and peformance.  In fact, this website is hosted with the same company and their service level means they usually exceed 99.9% uptime.


What if my website stops working? ^top
If you or any of your customers notice your website isn't working, they can either contact you or ourselves and we'd be happy to contact the host on your behalf, however due to our hosting company's systems, your site will be usually be back up and running before you can say "My website is down".

Obviously, if you choose not to host your website with us, we cannot be held responsible for hosting problems.

How can I access my new email account? ^top

Once you have ordered with us, we will send you a set of simple instructions that will help you set up your email program to collect.

Unfortunately, we cannot support you on email programs other than Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.  However, your ISP (Internet Service Provider) will be able to advise you on how to set up email, using the information provided by us.

Is there a limit to the amount of email I can send/receive? ^top
No !  Some companies give you a monthly bandwidth limit, which means once your limit has been met, your email and/or website stops being displayed.

Our service is unlimited.


How do I make my website appear on search engines? ^top
We do that for you as part of our standard service.  For more information go to our marketing section.


How do I make changes to my website when it's done? ^top

We're happy to make changes to your site for you.  Most changes can be done for a flat fee of just 25, but this depends on the complexity of the changes you require.

If I have more questions, where can I go? ^top
Come to us.  Where always here to help.

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